Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Springtime in Colorado

Springtime in Colorado
Tomorrow it will be May, but today it is April 30, the close-out of T. S. Elliott’s “the cruelest month.” It snowed in Colorado. The white stuff will be gone soon, and I’m betting the tulips will survive though they may look a bit bedraggled for a while. The fruit trees are in bloom, the raspberry bushes are sprouting new leaves and the rhubarb is alive and well. And the weeds, of course, are hale and hearty.

I waiver between learning to love dandelions and an intense desire to dig up each one before or when it blooms, and certainly before it goes to seed. A hopeless, thankless task that nevertheless has become a challenge for me.

I’m just thankful for a patch of dirt to dig in. It’s good for my soul.  

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