Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Above and beyond

I have a son who spends his working life promoting “the customer experience” at Disney. Companies and governments hire the Disney Institute to help them create the best possible customer service.

I think that may be why I have become so conscious of customer service, where and when it thrives, and when it fails miserably. Simple small acts, a few friendly words, a smile, a helpful suggestion, can go a long way to making a job more satisfying and ensuring return business.

I baked this cake as a thank you for customer service that went above and beyond. I was puzzling about how to get my disabled car out of my garage so that it could be jump started when the fellow who has worked on my cars for years offered to come to my house and jump my car. 

Really? I must admit, I was blown away. Who in the world makes house calls these days?

Mike showed up, revived my dead battery in a few seconds, told me to let the car run for a while and then bring it to his shop where he could have a new battery installed within hours. No extra service charge.

He already had a customer for life. He was busy and short-handed, but that didn’t stop Mike from going out of his way to help me out.