Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Turkey Day race

Timberline Timing Systems does not lie.

Nine members of the Arndt, James, and Lee families participated in the four-mile Thanksgiving Day race in Fort Collins this year.

Nothing unusual about that. We’ve been doing this family-friendly run for many years prior to chowing down big time later in the day. We’ve been cruising around this course for so long in fact, that some of the grandkids had their first race experience in a stroller. And rumor has it that over time, a participant or two has faded away around the three-mile mark which happens to be right by my house. Just too tempting to call it good right there.

I could give you a rundown on just how long it took each family member to complete the course, but it might get boring. Suffice it to say that grandkids Mason Arndt, age 20 did it in 25 minutes and his sister Abby, 25 was not far behind with a 31-minute run.

Most interesting to me though, were a couple of race times I’ve been anticipating, waiting, even hoping for. This year my daughters, Kristin, 59 and Jeni, 54, arrived at the finish line before I did. It was about time.

Please note: It was close. Our times were 33, 34, and 35 minutes.

It was a Happy Thanksgiving and I am grateful.

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