Sunday, August 5, 2018


The generous season has begun. Apples are falling off the tree, begging to become applesauce or apple pie; the cucumbers are hiding out under big leaves and growing way too big; the tomatoes are ripening all at once; the green beans need picking every day; the basil needs trimming and converting into pesto. I won’t even mention the squash that has seen fit to take over my compost pile--way beyond its assigned territory. And all the while, the weeds are following suit—growing like crazy overnight.

Such a bounty. And it all comes at once.  I’m thinking our job is to harvest all we can, process and freeze as much as we are able, then share with friends and neighbors before we dig in and devour what’s left with joy and appreciation.

This time of year, I don’t go to the grocery store as often. My diet changes. I get a kick out of making meals from what my grandson calls “yard food.” It’s not always his favorite fare as he leans toward burgers and fries. But it is only temporary.

Soon leaves will fall, frosty nights will put an end to the growing season and the massive growth in my backyard will disappear. It is was great fun while it lasts, made more precious by the fact that it will not be around for long.

Year-round garden bounty might be a bit too much to take!

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