Thursday, June 21, 2018

A collection of stories about running

As of this morning, Still Running is a reality. Find it on Amazon as a paperback or ebook. It has been such a fun project. Now my task is to let people know that it exists.

I didn't enter a running race until 1976, the summer of my 40th birthday. Forty-two years later, I'm still at it. I've had so many great experiences--going places--meeting people--learning life lessons--through running. This compilation of stories, many of them originally written for a newspaper column, is my way of sharing my love of the sport. I hope it helps to explain the magic of this passion of mine for runners, would-be runners, and anyone curious about what's so fascinating about putting one foot in front of the other over and over again.

Reviewers say:

“Libby James has created a charming volume filled with the pleasures of running whether out her back door into the Colorado foothills or through the streets of downtown Tokyo in a mass of marathoners. She shares adventures, travels, friendship, disaster and advice with a humorous touch. Read and be inspired by an American legend.”

Paul Carlin, head writer, long distance running, National Masters Running News
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“Runners are often guilty of talking about nothing but running at parties. Partners and friends of runners beware: Libby James’ fascinating and entertaining book provides runners with a pile of humorous and touching stories to keep the tradition going. Her exquisite writing preserves for all of us the thousands of details of a runner’s life which elevate the status of our running stories to ‘epic.’ As you read these entertaining stories, you will crack a smile as details of this enduring and joyful runner’s life invite memories of your own to surface.”

Melody Fairchild, 3-time winner, Bolder Boulder 10k, first US woman to break 10 minutes for 2 miles, coach, Boulder Mountain Warriors, Boulder Women Run and kids running camp.

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