Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy Birthday

10, 25, 56, 79, 22. What numbers should come next in the series? Just kidding. There’s no answer to that question. As what I call “the birthday clump” in my family ended this morning with a birthday phone call to a granddaughter. Between July 2 and 20, five female members of my family roll into a new year in their lives. I’m one of them.

My family has grown enough that it is sometimes a scramble to remember everyone’s birthday. So it’s convenient to have so many come all at once. No one in this group is likely to be forgotten.

It’s important. Every card, Facebook comment or phone call means a whole lot, I realized more than ever this year. I was grateful for every one. We all need acknowledgement on the day in which we came into the world, even if we don’t think we do.

I’m planning to do a better job with remembering the birthdays of family and friends. These days there are all kinds of ways to be gently reminded and to send good wishes. No excuses.

By the way, just in case I forget, here’s wishing you a Happy Birth-day whenever it may come during the next 365.

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