Thursday, January 15, 2015

No longer a dream, Frisbee Dreams is now for real

It’s been a long time coming, but my middle-grade novel, Frisbee Dreams, is now a reality. Here’s what it’s about:

Lauren Luster, youngest in a raucous five-kid family, couch potato and cartoon fanatic, has given up on sports because she won’t compete with her athletic siblings. Instead she spends hours in front of the TV with her beloved dog, Rupert, eating Pop Tarts.

Things begin to change when Lauren retrieves a Frisbee from under her mother’s monster houseplant where it’s doing duty as a drip tray. With Rupert’s urging, Lauren heads for the beach near her home on the coast of Maine and begins to learn how to handle the disc.

On the beach she meets Sterling Rushworth, a famous football coach who is writing his memoir. He jogs on the beach daily, encourages Lauren’s increasing skill, and then gets hooked on Frisbee himself.  During his recovery from a heart attack, Sterling and Lauren spend time learning the history of Frisbee and eventually return to their practice sessions.

As Lauren’s confidence grows, she does better in school and quits biting one of her nails—the one she needs to do a special Frisbee trick. She and Sterling do a series of Frisbee demonstrations at area schools.

Months later, Sterling collapses on the beach and Lauren must get him help. His problem requires surgery that prevents him from participating in a national Frisbee event with her.  At his insistence, she reluctantly agrees to go without him. She discovers that even without her coach, she has what it takes to do her best.

A newspaper story describing Lauren’s prowess with a Frisbee raises her status among her parents, siblings and “former best friend,” Cara. Now sleek and muscular, Lauren has transformed herself.

Sub-plots deal with sibling rivalry, girlfriend issues, and attitudes toward sports. As the story unfolds, the reader is introduced to Frisbee techniques, the power of intergenerational friendships, the joy a dog can bring, and the possibility of fulfilling athletic activity without the pressure of teams, uniforms, and the stress of a competitive atmosphere.

It’s available on Amazon, in Fort Collins at Trimble Court Artisans, and from Libby James. I’d love it if you’d “like” Frisbee Dreams on Facebook where a page has more information about it.

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