Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gimmicks for Fun and to Help You Run

What Next?

Oh, so you thought running was a simple matter of creating forward movement by putting one foot in front of the other, creating an airborne moment before a second foot rises up and reaches the ground?

Technically, that’s true. But it turns out that repeating this process over any length of time can be harder than it appears.

Not to worry, there’s a wide world of creative entrepreneurs waiting to enhance every aspect of your fitness level with their innovative wares.  A word of warning: your wallet is likely to suffer and there’s a good chance you’ll need to add some dedicated hard work in the form of straight-out unaided forward moving to realize promised results.  The World Wide Web can provide detailed descriptions and images of these items.

The Velform Sauna Belt wraps around your waist like a very wide belt and uses a vibrating electric current to strengthen your abs.

The Red XL Abdominal Exerciser, a little red stool with a handle on either side allows you to grasp and swivel from side to side to tone your obliques.

The Ab Lounger, a canvas chair with a moveable footrest, claims to give you killer abs with minimal effort.

I’m not sure how you use the Thigh Master  which looks like two hefty meat hooks attached to a small circle in the center, but you might want to give it a try out of insatiable curiosity.

Shake Weight looks a whole lot like an enormous dog bone and promises six minutes a day to firm arms and shoulders.

The Air Climber will make you feel as if you are walking on air. It’s probably a fine sensation, but it may not make you a stronger runner.

For some pain-soothing wrist wear, don a magnetic bracelet, guaranteed to make you feel better, especially if you believe it.

Settle your weary body into the Hawaii Chair, a motorized affair that simulates hula movement--or riding a mechanical bull.  Eight hours at the office riding the Hawaii Chair could have a dramatic result.

Toning Shoes are designed to work your legs and butt. Will this be worth the leg and foot pain that may result?

For $89 you can try a Sensoria Sports Bra or T-shirt that monitors calories burned, heart rate and respiration and beams the info. to your smartphone.

The Body by Jake Burn Suit, silvery-shiny and outer spacey-looking, promises to raise body temperature and shed pounds as you run.  Sadly, as soon as you rehydrate, the pounds return.

The Tony Little Gazelle, a cardio-glider named after a personal trainer, makes possible a mellow workout with equally mellow results.

Check out the Elliptigo, billed as the ultimate cross-trainer for runners, a stand-up bike that is supposed to give you a great workout. I’ve heard that this one really does work!

Also on the market—Vapur Element, a 23 ounce anti-bottle that is foldable, reusable and kind to the environment, a phone case that allows you to carry the small rectangle you can’t be parted from IN your hand instead of strapped somewhere on your body, and a “Halo” sweatband with a patented “sweat block” inside it.

Head spinning? Tie on your shoes and go for a gimmick-free run!

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